Life Trips

Energy vibrates all around us. Buzzing around. Keeping life moving along. Keeping the laws of nature in effect. Keeping humans aware of the force behind the scenes that no man can possess, take over or control. I am energy. Within me I feel this flickering as I notice different ways in which my mind has been refined. Refined by fires that brought destruction and left me constantly seeking shelter and something to numb down the reality in which I was exposed.

This point of view is mine. Shaped by everything and everyone in which I have encountered. This body of mine has transformed from a child to a woman as seen through society’s eyes. This body is the vessel traveling through this physical realm… carrying inside a spirit that needs to be expressed. Spinning thoughts threaten my sanity of mind if I refuse to find a way to acknowledge and address the spinning and provide an outlet so it no longer is inside of me. Self expression is the outlet. Roads I have traveled have lead me here and I am deeply aware that something within me has changed. My energy is shifting. Vibrations are being felt. Stardust magic is brewing and the universe is calling. Can you hear it?

People are just people. Learning to be through the eyes of society. We come and we go in all different directions that lead us all to a final rest stop as we depart from the weight of gravity and release spirit from body. Mind. Body and Soul. 3 in 1. 1 of me. A world overpopulated and separated by differences. Differences should allow us to discover the unique power within each of us and empower the individual to be all they can be without fear.

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