Creation. Art. Created. Made.

I am who I am. You are who you are. People are people and WE ARE ART. Nature is a wonderful teacher and I am rediscovering myself as life reveals different things over the years. I am here to become who I will and this is an outlet I will use to find creative ways to express the things inside of me. Inside of me, Spirit lives. Inside us all. Spirit lives. Life has a way of working that blends all things. We are here to help one another. We are here to create something we can one day leave behind. Creation calls for this.
Something is calling. Something is making me feel this way. Feelings are indicators. Temporary and fickle. Indicators none the less. We are receivers. We take in what we are surrounded by. We take in. We put out. There is a design and being human follows a pattern. Free will allows deviation. I just am and am really wanting to embrace that and all it means.