Tamara Rene

I am who I am... and I am realizing I was custom made to be here. Divine design and the process to embrace my light and believe in the signs that the universe provides while shifting to a new state of being. An evolved mind. An extension of God.

Tales of the Stars

Chiron   in   Gemini       Chiron in the tenth house indicates that issues of healing, wounding, or mentoring (as described by Chiron’s sign placement) play themselves out through the sphere of life that has to do with career and/or social standing. Your profession or career may involve work with healing arts that are holistic or […]


BluePrint Natal chart

 Data For Tamara Rene Smith 28 December 1984 at 19:39 (7:39 pm)(time zone = UTC -8) Universal Time: 03:39 29 December 1984 Redwood City, California, United States 37°N29′ 122°W14′ Tropical Zodiac Campanus Houses Planets and Points in The Signs Sun in Capricorn  7°  36′ 49″ You have the desire to climb whatever mountains are necessary and to stand […]